investing in people is investing in a future

Investing in kids

learn more about themselves
Improve self-esteem
Improve academic performance


My Voice Count offer innovative programs that focus on the up building of the community while inspiring youth to reach their full potential.


We have many opportunities for you to partner with us as a volunteer.

School Activities

A mentoring program where we teach youth that investing in themselves is investing in their future.
Teaches youth that they are their most valuable asset.

Community Development

My Voice Count welcome all partners who would like to participate in the annual Back To School Drive.

Global Assistance

Reduce criminal activity or the pathway to prison
Gain a better outlook of the future

Achieving the dream despite the odds

Our Latest Works

Education Activity
Community Activity

What the community says

My Voice Count people are unique. I appreciate all the things you do for the children. The school bags distribution was a real success.

Kiara Washington

What you did this past Christmas for the kids was amazing. 

Thank you so much!!


About us

My Voice Count is a nonprofit organization located in Houston, Texas and organized by seven friends who all grew up in the same housing project and wanted a way to give back to the community.  This nonprofit organization was created to give a voice to youth who believe theirs have been silenced or forgotten.  My Voice Count is a community based organization that promotes education, provides opportunities for youth to work on Service Learning Projects, perform community outreach, crime prevention and mentoring.  This organization services At-Risk youth and their families.

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